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Supercapacitor ModulesWide voltage range | High safety and reliability | Customized on demand
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Products Lists

2.7V 10F Supercapacitor

SSP series
-40 ~ +65℃
standard product

2.7V 10F Super capacitor

SHT series
Wide temperature, 85℃ product
500000 cycle life

2.7V 10F Supercapacitor

SHV series
-40 ~ +65℃
High voltage products, 3V series

2.7V 200F Supercapacitor

SSL series
-40 ~ +65℃
Low ESR, wide temperature range

3V 200F Supercapacitor

SSH series
-40 ~ +65℃
High voltage products, 3V series

5.5V 1F Supercapacitor

SCT series
-40 ~ +85℃
wide temperature range

SCH series
-25 ~ +85℃
High temperature products

We Can Customize for You

5.5V Supercapacitor module

SRM series
-40 ~ +65℃
Standard EDLC module, two monomers connected in series, used for smart three meters,1000h

SMSP Series
EDLC module, used for FTU, DTU, grid backup power supply, automotive electronics
500000 cycle life

HMAA Supercapacitor

HMAA series
-25 ~ +55℃
LIC standard module, high energy type, used in electric buses and rail transit

Supercapacitor Module

Product Solutions

A supercapacitor module, also known as a supercapacitor bank or supercapacitor bank, is a device consisting of multiple supercapacitors connected in parallel or series to increase capacitance, voltage, or both. Please contact us, Xuansn provides the best customized solution for your project.

Xuansn Supercapacitor Module

Application Cases


New Energy Bus

Xuansn provides car manufacturers with safe and reliable on-board power composite solutions in the form of supercapacitor modules, which can meet the needs of passenger cars for start-stop power supply, voltage stabilization, deceleration and braking energy recovery.

Wind Power

Supercapacitor-fan pitch backup power supply

Provide a series of all-weather module solutions as backup power supply for wind turbine pitch control systems, improving the reliability, safety and maintenance-free nature of the pitch power supply

Supercapacitor Smart Meter

Smart Meter

Xuansn provides supercapacitor modules or power modules, which can be used as backup power supplies for data storage and forwarding of smart three-meter actuators, IoT sensors, IT and communication equipment, improving reliability and safety, and reducing maintenance costs.

Our Advantages

Xuansn Supercapacitor

Industry Experts

With more than 10 years of experience, we understand the market needs and provide you with excellent services.

Xuansn Supercapacitor

Prompt Delivery

Efficient processes ensure on-time delivery of orders, and we are a reliable partner at critical moments.

High Productivity

With a monthly output of hundreds of millions, we ensure large-scale demand and consistent product quality.

Xuansn Supercapacitor

Customer Service

The professional customer service team is ready to support you to ensure that your needs are always met.

Cost Control

Fine management, efficient production, cost control, and improved return on investment.

Xuasn supercapacitor Customized solutions

Customized Solutions

We provide personalized supercapacitor customized solutions to make your electrical energy storage more suitable for practical applications.

Excellent Quality

Strict quality control ensures products meet the highest standards, focusing on performance, reliability and durability.

Innovative Technology

We are a leader in innovative technology and a pioneer in the supercapacitor manufacturing industry

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Does it support customized products?2023-12-20T07:45:01+00:00

A: Yes, we provide customized services for supercapacitors. If you have specific technical requirements, capacity needs, or other customization needs, we are willing to work with you to meet your unique application scenarios. Please contact our sales team and we will provide you with detailed information, technical specifications and quotes on custom supercapacitors.

How do you ship the goods and how long does it take to arrive?2023-12-20T07:37:55+00:00

A: We usually ship by DHL,UPS,FEDEX or TNT, it usually takes 3-5 days to arrive.Airline and sea shipping also optional.

What about the lead time?2023-12-20T07:11:47+00:00

A: The sample needs 3-5days, the mass products needs 2 weeks for order quantity.

Can I have some samples for capacitors?2023-12-20T07:20:57+00:00

A: Yes, welcome sample to test and check quality,factory brand samples are free.


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