Medium and Large Supercapacitor Modules

Xuansn produces medium and large supercapacitor modules, from radial lead type to customized connectors, and specializes in customized complete modules. From ultra-small size to high voltage 240V customization, it can be customized according to customer needs.

Wide temperature range: -40℃~+85℃ Customized voltage range: 16V~240V.

Xuansn’s module series are mainly used for power storage and stabilization, power auxiliary, backup power, energy regeneration, etc. Especially with the increase in awareness of energy issues, various fields are using the characteristics of supercapacitors to develop “energy-saving machines” development. Its cases include not only using supercapacitors for power storage equipment, but also combining supercapacitors with secondary batteries to complement each other’s advantages.

16V Supercapacitor Module
90V Supercapacitor Module
120V Supercapacitor Module

Supercapacitor Modules Applications

New Energy Vehicles

Xuansn provides car manufacturers with safe and reliable on-board power composite solutions in the form of supercapacitor modules, which can meet the needs of passenger cars for start-stop power supply, voltage stabilization, deceleration and braking energy recovery.

Supercapacitor Smart Grid

Smart Grid

Xuansn provides modules or integrated power supplies that are used as backup power supplies for distribution network automation equipment, monitoring instruments, signal transmission and actuators to meet the system’s requirements of long life, high reliability, maintenance-free, and wide temperature range.

Solar Energy

Supercapacitor backup power supply is a distributed backup power supply that can be used as a backup power supply for heliostats. When a failure occurs, the heliostat control system can respond as quickly as possible with the support of backup power and adjust the focus position to prevent accidents caused by focusing the light spot in the wrong position.