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5.5V Supercapacitor Module

Xuansn 5.5V supercapacitor module is composed of two 2.7V supercapacitors connected in series. It is suitable for 3.2V~6.4V application scenarios and is the most common use method of 2.7V series products. Because of its universal applicability, there are often slightly different designs in various applications, such as choosing active balancing or passive balancing, etc.

SRM series products are designed together with customers during the production process and can provide excellent solutions for different designs. They also provide two voltage levels of 5.0V/5.5V for high temperature scenarios, 6V normal temperature modules, etc. At the same time, we provide glue-filled products for use in humid environments based on actual needs. We can also provide connection products with wires and terminals, as well as three-string (7.5V/8.1V/9V) and above products upon request.


  • Intelligent instruments: Electronic meter.water meter, gas meter
  • Communication terminal: RTU/DTU, DTUFTU, fault current indicator
  • Auto electronics: Auto recorder, auto door control, auto diagnosis system, wireless charqing
  • Energy storage: Server backup power, motor drive, brake, charging pile, security, fire protection
  • Consumer: Toys, robots, smart home, medical devices


5.5V Supercapacitor Module Structure


Item Performance
Working voltage 5.5V.DC
Surge voltage 5.7V.DC
Cycle Life 500,000 times
Capacity Error -10%~+30%
Operating temperature range -40℃~+65℃
Manufacturer Xuansn

Standard Ratings for SRM Series


  • * The rated voltage of this series of products is 5.5V, and we provide higher voltage module solutions and products.
  • * We can provide products that can be used in environments with temperature = 85°C/humidity = 85%
  • * For more technical details or to request product catalogs, please send an email to

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