2.7V 600F EDLC SuperCapacitor 35*70mm

High power,high energy density
Long cycle life,maintenance-free
RoHS compliant



2.7V 600F EDLC SuperCapacitor Company Best Price Manufacturer

Thank you for your attention to Xuansn brand 2.7V 600F EDLC SuperCapacitor! Our mission is to provide sustainable, efficient energy solutions for your applications through superior technology and reliable products. As a manufacturer of Xuansn brand supercapacitors, we are committed to providing the most advanced energy storage solutions for areas such as electric vehicles, renewable energy projects and smart grids.

Xuansn supercapacitors are known for their excellent performance, reliability and environmentally friendly characteristics, making them a leader in energy storage. Our products not only meet current market demands, but are also constantly innovating and improving to adapt to the evolving energy industry. Choosing Xuansn means choosing an excellent, reliable and sustainable energy future.

Welcome to learn more about our product series and solutions, and how to integrate Xuansn supercapacitors into your projects to jointly create a greener and more efficient energy era.


  • High power,high energy density
  • Long cycle life,maintenance-free
  • RoHS compliant
  • Certifications:UL810A

Technical Specifications

Working voltage2.7V.DC
Surge voltage2.85V.DC
Capacity Error-10%~+30%
Operating temperature range-40℃~+65℃
Maximum working current27.46A
Maximum peak current294.10A
Maximum leakage current1.688mA
Power density6624W/kg
Maximum energy0.607W.h
Energy Density13.47Wh/kg

2.7V 600F EDLC SuperCapacitor Product Size and Structure


(We support customization, please send us the detailed information.)

Xuansn supercapacitor

Why Choose our 2.7V 600F EDLC SuperCapacitor ?

1. High Performance Characteristics

High voltage: The high working voltage of 2.7V enables supercapacitors to store more energy at the same volume, which is suitable for application scenarios that require high power output.
Large capacity: The large capacity of 600F ensures that the device can provide stable current output in a short time to meet high instantaneous power requirements.
Fast charging and discharging: Supercapacitors can complete charging and discharging in a few seconds, greatly improving the response speed and working efficiency of the system.

2. 2.7V 600F EDLC SuperCapacitor—Long life And Reliability

Long life: Compared with traditional batteries, the cycle life of supercapacitors can reach hundreds of thousands of times, reducing the replacement frequency and maintenance costs.
High reliability: Supercapacitors have excellent durability and stability, can operate in a wide temperature range, and adapt to various harsh environmental conditions.

3. Environmental protection And Safety

Green environmental protection: Supercapacitors do not contain harmful substances, are environmentally friendly, and meet international environmental standards.
High safety: Due to the lack of chemical reactions, there is no risk of overcharging and over-discharging, which greatly improves the safety during use.

4. 2.7V 600F EDLC SuperCapacitor—Multiple Application Scenarios

New energy vehicles: As an auxiliary power source, supercapacitors can quickly provide starting current and improve the acceleration performance and endurance of the vehicle.
Grid energy storage: In the grid energy storage system, supercapacitors can quickly respond to changes in power demand and stabilize grid operation.
Consumer electronics: Backup power for devices such as smartphones and tablets to ensure continued operation in the event of a power outage.

5. Economic Benefits

Reduce costs: Due to the long life and low maintenance of supercapacitors, the overall cost of use is significantly lower than that of traditional batteries.
Improve efficiency: The fast charging and discharging capabilities and high power density greatly improve system efficiency and bring higher economic benefits.

6. 2.7V 600F EDLC SuperCapacitor—Technical Support And Services

Professional technical support: Provide detailed technical information and application guidance to ensure that customers can use supercapacitors correctly and efficiently.
Perfect after-sales service: Provide a warranty period of up to three years and 7×24 hours of technical support services to ensure that customers have no worries during use.

Through the above advantages, Xuansn 2.7V 600F EDLC SuperCapacitor are not only significantly competitive in performance, but also reflect excellent value in life, safety and environmental protection. They are suitable for a variety of application scenarios and bring you obvious economic and social benefits.

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