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Thank you for your attention to Xuansn brand Super Capacitor 2.7V 50F! Our mission is to provide sustainable, efficient energy solutions for your applications through superior technology and reliable products. As a manufacturer of Xuansn brand supercapacitors, we are committed to providing the most advanced energy storage solutions for areas such as electric vehicles, renewable energy projects and smart grids.

Xuansn supercapacitors are known for their excellent performance, reliability and environmentally friendly characteristics, making them a leader in energy storage. Our products not only meet current market demands, but are also constantly innovating and improving to adapt to the evolving energy industry. Choosing Xuansn means choosing an excellent, reliable and sustainable energy future.

Welcome to learn more about our product series and solutions, and how to integrate Xuansn supercapacitors into your projects to jointly create a greener and more efficient energy era.


  • High power,high energy density
  • Long cycle life,maintenance-free
  • RoHS compliant
  • Certifications:UL810A

Why choose our Super Capacitor 2.7V 50F?

High Power Density: Our supercapacitors stand out for their superior power density, giving you the ability to deliver instantaneous high energy output.

Excellent cycle life: Long-life design, able to withstand frequent charge and discharge cycles, providing long-lasting energy support for your application.

Fast charge and discharge: No need to wait, our supercapacitors have fast charge and discharge characteristics to meet your needs for high-speed power exchange.

Stability and Reliability: Excellent performance across a wide range of temperatures and environmental conditions, ensuring your system maintains stable and reliable performance no matter what.

Technical Specifications

Working voltage2.7V.DC
Surge voltage2.85V.DC
Capacity Error-10%~+30%
Maximum working current4.34A
Maximum peak current33.75A
Maximum leakage current0.075mA
Power density3456W/kg
Maximum energy0.0506W.h
Energy Density4.0Wh/kg

Super Capacitor 2.7V 50F Product Size and Structure


(We support customization, please send us the detailed information.)

2.7V 2F Supercapacitor

Typical Application

  • Smart meters: State Grid electricity meter, water meter, gas meter, heat meter
  • Communication terminal: Intelligent measurement and control terminal, intelligent power distribution terminal, intelligent feeder terminal, fault indicator
  • Automotive electronics: Car recorders, car door controls, audio controls, car diagnostic systems, wireless charging
  • Consumer categories: Toys, robots, smart homes, medical equipment
  • Energy storage: Server backup, motor drive, gate, charging pile, security, fire protection

Super Capacitor manufacturing process

If you want to know the detailed production process, please check our webpage: Supercapacitor Manufacturing Process

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