In the past 20 years, we have overcome all difficulties and braved all difficulties, and every step is sweat. We have never been the best, but only better! Because our original intention remains unchanged, we set sail again and again. This is the guidance of dreams and the journey of the times! On June 15, 2024, Dongguan Xuansn Electronics Co., Ltd. grandly held the “Xuansn 20th Anniversary Celebration” event.Xuansn 20th Anniversary Celebration

Don’t forget your original intention and keep moving forward

We have always adhered to the people-oriented business philosophy, taking the happiness of all employees as the highest business goal, and realizing the peace and happiness of all employees as the company’s vision.Xuansn Capacitor

“Our goal is to build Xuansn Electronics into a national industrial base and a substitute for imported components. The country’s prosperity has created excellent development conditions for us. On the 20th anniversary of Xuansn Electronics, we will start again on a new level and move towards higher goals. To this end, each of us in Xuansn will have a lot to do. Let’s work together!” The celebration event kicked off with Chairman Hou’s sincere speech

Xuansn 20th Anniversary Celebration-Carefully prepared

Xuansn 20th Anniversary Celebration Xuansn Capacitor

 First article: Don’t forget your original intention and start from the heart

Situational drama “Xuansn is my home, we protect him”Xuansn CapacitorXuansn 20th Anniversary Celebration

National style jazz “Flag-opening victory & lion dance”Xuansn 20th Anniversary Celebration Xuansn 20th Anniversary Celebration Cheongsam dance “Oriental Beauty”Xuansn 20th Anniversary Celebration

Xuansn 20th Anniversary Celebration-Patriotic theme “Dawn”Xuansn CapacitorXuansn Capacitor

Xuansn 20th Anniversary Celebration Part 2: Call of Duty, Walk Side by Side

National dance “Guardian”Xuansn 20th Anniversary Celebration

Daughter Flower of the Dai peopleXuansn Capacitor

Street dance “Attitude”

Xuansn Capacitor

Sign language dance & accompaniment “Thanks, Together to the Future”

Xuansn Capacitor

 Part 3: Work together to create greater glory

Uyghur dance “Western Rose” Xuansn 20th Anniversary Celebration Xuansn 20th Anniversary Celebration-Aerobics “Show the Future”Xuansn Capacitor

Fashion Show “National Costumes & Company Product Display”

Xuansn Capacitor

Xuansn 20th Anniversary Celebration-Opera “The Most Beautiful Chinese Opera”

Xuansn Capacitor

Song And Dance & Recitation “Today is Your Birthday”Xuansn 20th Anniversary Celebration

Xuansn 20th Anniversary Celebration-Laughter and Joy

Xuansn CapacitorXuansn CapacitorXuansn 20th Anniversary Celebration

Thank you to all the guests who attended the party, thank you to the Xuansn family, every bit of these 20 years is your hard work, without you there would be no success today! Thank you to everyone in front of and behind the scenes, thank you Chairman Hou for leading us forward. In the next 20 years, we still have you, me, and him! Start from the heart, move forward side by side, and create brilliance again! Let us sincerely wish the Xuansn family “ride the wind and waves, keep innovating, and prosper!”


This year, we ushered in an important milestone of the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the company. In these 20 years, we have been committed to producing high-quality capacitors, promoting technological innovation, and winning the trust and support of customers and partners. Looking back, we are full of pride; looking forward to the future, we will continue to pursue excellence and create a brighter tomorrow

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