Xuansn Supercapacitors


In today’s era of rapid development of electronic technology, energy storage technology has become the key to promoting innovation. As a leader in the field of supercapacitors, Xuansn has distinguished itself in the industry with its advanced technology and excellent performance. We are committed to providing customers with efficient and reliable energy storage solutions and becoming a stable partner in energy.

How Supercapacitors work

Xuansn produces high-capacity, high-power-density supercapacitors, which are electronic components used to store and release electrical energy. Supercapacitors have higher energy density and longer cycle life than traditional capacitors and batteries.

Supercapacitors work by storing electrical energy through an electric field, unlike chemical reactions that convert and store energy in batteries. This enables supercapacitors to charge and discharge quickly, making them suitable for applications requiring instantaneous high energy output, such as electric vehicles, electronic devices and renewable energy systems.

Multiple Voltage Options

Xuansn supercapacitor series covers multiple voltage specifications, including 2.7V, 3V and 5.5V. They all have the characteristics of supercapacitors such as high energy density, long cycle life, and fast charge and discharge rates.This diversity makes our products suitable for a variety of application scenarios to meet customers’ energy needs in different projects.

Wound Structure-2.7V and 3V Supercapacitor

For supercapacitors with capacity less than 100F, we usually make radial structures. For supercapacitors larger than 100F, we use snapin terminals or screw terminal structures. The specific structure is as shown below.


5.5V Coin Supercapacitors

Xuansn’s 5.5V button supercapacitor is a small, high-performance energy storage solution widely used in a variety of portable and embedded devices. Its outstanding feature is its small size, making it ideal for integration into equipment with limited space. This compact design not only facilitates installation, but also provides reliable energy support without taking up much space.

Structure and Types of 5.5V Coin Supercapacitor

According to the shape, we usually classify it into C type, H type, V type 5.5V coin capacitors


Supercapacitor Module

As a leading manufacturer in the field of supercapacitors, Xuansn not only provides high-performance supercapacitors, but also focuses on producing a variety of customized supercapacitor modules to provide customers with comprehensive energy storage solutions.

HMAA Supercapacitor

Supercapacitors Module Features

1. Integrated design
Xuansn’s supercapacitor module adopts an integrated design, combining multiple supercapacitors in an optimal way to form a high-performance and efficient energy storage system. This design not only improves overall system performance but also simplifies installation and maintenance.

2. Multi-voltage output
Our supercapacitor modules support multi-voltage output to meet the power needs of various applications. This flexibility makes Xuansn’s supercapacitor modules suitable for use in multiple industries such as transportation, power systems, and industrial equipment.

3. Customizability
Xuansn is committed to providing highly customized supercapacitor modules. Customers can choose different capacitance, voltage and other parameters according to their specific needs to ensure that the module fully meets the technical and space requirements of their application.Welcome customers to consult us.


Xuansn is a reliable and innovative force in the supercapacitor industry, providing comprehensive products and solutions to meet the ever-changing energy storage needs in different applications.